A Better Breast Reconstruction Option Is Available for Mastectomy Patients

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While cancer is incredibly traumatic, for many women, the hardest part about breast cancer is having to live long-term without their breasts. Mastectomy is becoming an increasingly common procedure since it so effectively removes the threat of breast cancer, but the results can be incredibly psychologically damaging even as health is restored.

Breasts are a very visible indicator of sex, and they hold a very significant place in how many women think of themselves. It is no small cosmetic issue, then, to lose your breasts. Many women would eagerly go for breast reconstruction surgery to rebuild their breasts and restore some sense of their womanhood, but they are dissuaded by the use of gels and silicone that seem unnatural.

Thankfully, there is now a better way. Autologous reconstruction surgery uses the fats and skin from the woman’s body to rebuild her breasts. By working with skin and fat from the abdomen, backside, and inner thigh, it is possible to rebuild natural looking breasts with natural materials that avoid many of the negative aspects associated with some reconstruction options.

This is becoming an increasingly popular choice everywhere. Popular surgeons like Bergman Folkers Plastic Surgery in Des Moines are now well practiced in the procedure. As it becomes more and more popular, hopefully, more women will come to hear about this option. It may go a long way to restoring their confidence and their sense of self after such serious treatment for their cancer.

That is not to say, though, that autologous reconstruction surgery is for everyone. Bergman Folkers warns that women who are particularly skinny or had particularly large breasts may struggle to meet the requirements for the surgery. It may also be problematic for women who hope to get pregnant. It can take some amount of recovery time and, unlike silicone implants, it is not a surgery that is easily performed over and over again.

Despite these limitations, this is a major breakthrough for women who want to feel natural in their bodies, particularly after going through what can feel like a very unnatural process. With luck, more women will be able to get this surgery in the near future. It could go a long way to bringing them back to a sense of self they need. Not only will this help their self-confidence, it can also help avoid more serious issues like depression and other emotional difficulties that come with surviving such a traumatic illness.

While plastic surgery continues to be considered a cosmetic tool in America, increasingly it is clear that it can be used for serious mental health issues as well. With the advent and recent popularity of autologous reconstruction surgery across the country, it may be time for America to reconsider what reconstruction can do, how it can do it, and how it can help those who need it.

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